Packing and moving tips worth knowing!

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Packing and Moving Tips

Household Shifting ServicesTo move your house from Mumbai to any place within Maharashtra or India, you will need to pack all the items properly and carefully so that they can endure the journey. In this site, we have given you few packing tips which will help you immensely in the long run.

  • Start planning for the relocation at least one month before the actual move.
  • Screening of the items is mandatory. Get rid of the goods which are broken, damaged, unwanted. The more the items, the higher is the moving cost.
  • Use proper packing materials like hard boxes, wooden crates, foam and packing chips, bubble warps, crumpled newspapers, bed sheets.
  • Tape the box joins minimum three times, the more the tapes, stronger are the boxes.
  • Label the boxes properly, so that you can locate items easily.
  • Start packing room by room, first living room, then bed room etc. Follow a proper order while packing.
  • Keep the boxes containing medicines and first aids handy, so that you can get them when you need them.
  • Keep the heavier boxes at first in the truck, and then the lighter ones.
  • Talk to various packers and movers companies before finalizing deals with one of them.
  • Check their license, and other identity proofs and documents before proceeding further.
  • Keep all the packing related documents with you: written estimates given by them, insurance papers, etc.
  • Visit your new destination prior to actual move, so that you can assure that the new place is in good condition.
  • Notify the local post office regarding your change of address so that you do not miss any important deliveries.
  • Do not pack edible food items like jams and pickles as they may get destroyed. Do not pack plants and food items.
  • Maintain good contact with the officials of the packers movers company through phone and mails, so that you can get to know if there is any change relating to it. Know the truck number and also have the contact numbers of the drivers.
  • Be flexible with the moving dates. During weekends and holidays the rates tend to get hour due to the rush.

Best wishes to you!